Keto Burger

Keto burger
This was my dinner tonight. I’m cutting out carbs for a month, so this creation, I call the “keto burger” (I’m sure I didn’t come up with the term) was a nice option for those with limited options. Two hamburger patties acting as buns to a huge pile of blue cheese, topped with thinly sliced, perfectly ripened avocado. Friends…. I was very happy for this as, while I don’t miss the bread, I do like the complexity of mixed flavors. If you are on any low carb or keto oriented diet, I recommend giving this one a try.

2 Responses to “Keto Burger”

  1. buttoni says:

    That is a thing of beauty! Love how you fanned the avocado slices on the top. Lovely presentation. And I’m sure it was tasty! I like to fan avocado slices over my scrambled eggs. Sometimes with a good cream gravy inbetween. 🙂

  2. Warren says:

    The mix of blue cheese and avocado is the best. This was a really, really awesome burger.

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