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Gatehouse Gourmet started its online incarnation when I decided to share with the world the recipes I grew up with, and have enjoyed with my family. From the time I was young, my family owned a catering business (Gatehouse Gourmet), so I was indoctrinated early, learning to cook by feel and fire rather than formal schooling. Through an understanding of  ingredients and techniques acquired from an early age, I have experimented with food my whole life, and constantly find myself tweaking recipes old and new.

Unlike most faceless recipe websites, what you will find here are recipes that I have personally created, old family recipes, or those I have found elsewhere and tested and modified to suit my purposes. This means that you will find recipes that are both interesting, practical, and personal; honest recipes that you will enjoy at home. With this website I hope to share all the recipes I love, educate others about great food, and offer dishes that don’t require cooking school to master. Where I can, I will cite my source for a recipe if it is not mine. All of these recipes are easy to make, and easier to eat.

I am also found frequently on /r/food answering questions under a nom de plume. If you know what that website is, I’ll be there to answer your questions.


4 Responses to “About Gatehouse Gourmet”

  1. Jan says:

    What a nice site! I really like this, Randy. And who took some of those fab pix?? 😉

  2. Warren says:

    The pics are kind of random. I took most, and some friends took some (hint, hint). I’m still awaiting the purchase of a better camera (mine is old and not very good) so hopefully one day soon the quality of those images will significantly improve. I actually borrowed cameras for some of the ones you see. Thanks, though. 🙂

  3. Larry Johnson says:

    We are looking to buy aTourtiere-Quebec meat pie.
    Can you sell us one and how are they packed.

    What would be the cost

    Thank you

  4. Warren says:

    As much as I’d like to help, This is merely a recipe website, not a commercial website. Where do you live? They are not difficult to make, but if you would prefer to purchase one, and you live in an area that sells them, I may be able to point you in the proper direction.

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